مشخصات توضیحات
مدل SK10T-2848
KV 3900rpm/v
ولتاژ 12.6V
توان 220W
قطر موتور 31 میلی موتور
طول موتور 60 میلی متر
قطر شفت 3.17 میلی متر
باتری 2-3S 3,000mAh
وزن 153 گرم
کد محصول 00133
قیمت 930.000
قیمت تخفیف خورده 837.000
تخفیف 10 %

موتور قایق 2040SL 4800kv Brushless Inrunner

Great little motor. Works fine in my nqd jet boat tear into. Will fit the standard coupling and motor mount holes. Normally i run it on 2s 40c zippy 4000 mah but will try 3s next. With the watercooling and 2s battery it will not even get slightly warm. Because the jet is pretty small in the tear into people say it is not working to put a 3 s in there. It will cavitate more then build extra thrust and speed. we will see. overall a great buy