F4 Phantom 70mm EDF Jet
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F-4 Phantom 70mm EDF Jet

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قیمت :- تومان

  720mm طول بال  
  1100mm طول بدنه  
  850g وزن پروازی 
  Power System 2845-3000Kv Brushless Motor
  Servo & ESC 9g*5 & 70A ESC, 5A SBEC, T Connector
  Battery 14.8V 2200mAh 40C 4 cell LiPo

  • Overview
  • The FMS F4 V2 is here. This new version of the FMS F4 has a new larger and more powerful 2845-3000Kv motor, 10 blade fan, 70A ESC, and runs on a 4S 2200 LiPo. Gone is the high pitched wine of the "typical" EDF jet. The 10 blade fan produces a proper jet sound which will impress everyone at the field. The Motion RC pilots enjoy listening to the F4 as much as flying it. The new FMS F4 retains the fixed landing gear which provides a durable foundation for this scale EDF jet and helps keep the price affordable. The F4 landing gear can removed and replaced in a matter of seconds for those who prefer hand hand launching and belly landing when the situation calls for it.
  • While the manufacturer recommends a 4 channel radio, the Motion RC pilots prefer to remove the Y cable from the elevator servos and setup the plane as a 5 channel. You will need to install individual servo extensions (not included) and select a "dual elevator" tail on your radio. This allows each individual elevator servo to be sub trimmed for perfect (even) throws and better control. For those who prefer speed, we recommend not installing the drop tanks and missiles. The lack of drag from these items will make the F4 faster. For those who prefer scale details, the F4 does fly fine with the drop tanks and missiles though it will suffer a small performance deficit. This plane looks great, sounds awesome, and is a blast to fly!
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    هواپیمای الکتریک


    برچسب ها:هواپیمای مدل ، فروش اینترنتی هواپیمای مدل ،قطعات ، قطعات مربوط به هواپیمای مدل ، آموزش هواپیمای مدل .خرید هواپیما مدل .ماشین مدل ،قطعات ماشین مدل . خرید و آموزش ماشین کنترلی . فروش اینترنتی ماشین مدل

    آدرس فروشگاه: تهران-خیابان جمهوری تقاطع حافظ-پاساژ امجد- طبقه دوم



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