Iron Man 1000
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Iron Man 1000 Frame

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  • Full carbon and CNC construction
  • Light weight
  • 8 motors for safety
  • Large support for options
  • Tarot quality and parts availability
  • The Tarot T1000 Ironman is one huge full precision CNC machined work horse of a multi-rotor.
  • The T1000 has set the standard in large, heavy lift multi-rotors and are well suited for a wide range of tasks from aerial photography to ground mapping. One of the benefits of a large Octo-copter (8 motors) is redundancy and the safety that can be achieved in the case of a motor failure. The highly efficient HV power system the ironman supports provides amazing lift and duration.
  • Tarot has managed to produce one of the best platforms for professional use and there are many aftermarket and factory options for the Ironman to suit your needs. From options like retractable landing gear to 3 axis gimbals and high capacity battery trays, the T1000 is the base frame that can always be adapted for whatever role it is needed.
  • If you’re ready for a Pro grade aerial platform the Tarot T1000 Ironman is the choice of the industry.
  • Weight: 1.6KG (containing tripod)
  • Tube diameter: 25MM
  • Wheelbase: 1020MM
  • Rack diameter: 1070MM
  • Total height: 380MM
  • Center cover Specifications: 250 × 240MM
  • Motor mounting hole distance: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM/
  • 8 x 4114/320KV or comparable brushless motors
  • 8 x 1555 Propellers CCW/CW
  • 6S power battery 1000-15000mAH
  • Flight Controller that can support Octo configurations
  • 6ch Radio system
    *Note: this kit comes with the 3 leg tripod landing legs, optional foldable and retractable landing gear is available separately.

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