F4 Phantom 64MM
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F4 Phantom 64MM Electric Ducted Fan Jet

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قیمت :- تومان

  628mm (24.7inches) طول بال  
  1000mm (39.4inches) طول بدنه  
  620g (21ounces) وزن پروازی 
  ‌4ch رادیو کنترل 
  Servo&ESC 9g X 4 & 30A  
  Motor Size Inner-Runner brushless motor  
  Recommended Battery 1.1V/2200MAH/15C Lipo Battery

  • Overview
  • The F-4 Phantom is a high performance RTF brushless motors EDF Jet. High scaled electric ducted fan F-4 Phantom with real scaled fuselage proportion. Able to do aerobatics such as rolling, looping, and inverted flights with ease. The G&C Hobby F-4 Phantom comes with front steering landing gear and every flight is an excitement and with excellent speed that tops other EDFs. The F-4 Phantom has a high capacity Lipo Battery that gives you a longer flight time.
  • Very high quality molding, lots of detail, good paint, good water transfer decals, clear canopy with cockpit deck, easily removable or replaceable landing gear, full flying stab, easy fan access for maintenance, lots of nice features. In the air, it's pure dynamite, and very fast. It's a whole level of performance above the rest of the RTF EDF jets...
  • Roll rate is tremendous, vertical performance is awesome, and downright speed, well...most EDFs, you fly around at full bore all the time, with this one, you want to save full throttle for verticals and high speed passes, and throttle back to half or two thirds to keep the thing manageable the rest of the time, it's mighty quick.
  • With the landing gear on, off pavement, it has no bad habits at all. The gear comes on and off with a with a built in clip to the main wings.


    برچسب ها:هواپیمای مدل ، فروش اینترنتی هواپیمای مدل ،قطعات ، قطعات مربوط به هواپیمای مدل ، آموزش هواپیمای مدل .خرید هواپیما مدل .ماشین مدل ،قطعات ماشین مدل . خرید و آموزش ماشین کنترلی . فروش اینترنتی ماشین مدل

    آدرس فروشگاه: تهران-خیابان جمهوری تقاطع حافظ-پاساژ امجد- طبقه دوم



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